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See what our customers have to say about us:

You represent a wonderful company with true appreciation for the little guys. I hope to continue my business with you and look forward to 2012.
- Linda Weiner, The Watermark

The Scarlet Letter loves ur cards because they're so unique, creative, diverse and are of exquisite quality! What craftmanship. They are our best sellers!
- Jessica Bazan, The Scarlet Letter

"Notes and Queries has been our preferred vendor of gift wrap and greeting cards for 10 years because we think they’re terrific. They consistently show us high quality product that they have selected with a talented eye and a keen sense of humour. The variety in the line offers something for everyone and our customers think that’s pretty special. Notes and Queries talents do not end there; they “get” customer service! They ship on time and send exactly what you’ve ordered (we have not had a discrepancy in 10 years) a person answers their phone when you call and they celebrate your accomplishments with you. Notes and Queries is our secret weapon in a “ho hum” retail world!"
- Kristi Grayston, Pulp & Circumstance

"I've owned and operated Card-o-Mat in New York City for the last 12 years. We are located in an academic area, yet draw from all over the city due to the broad range of product which caters to my diverse clientele. Notes & Queries is a large integral part of my presentation as their ability to always be fresh and exciting is what enhances my reputation as well. The discerning eye of the product buyer, assures me that this level of taste consistently offers not just a "great look", but also translates to my cash register ringing up the desired sales. To add to Notes & Queries' winning formula is a staff that is helpful, courteous, and truly interested in your business as they know that the key to their success is that you be successful first."
- Rosalie, Card-O-Mat

"We've had many successful years selling Notes and Queries products. We're always back for more and they have new and fresh designs each season. Notes and Queries products are always a great addition to our store. They have a distinctive look that helps elevate our offering to the customer who is looking for more than run-of-the-mill. Notes and Queries has quick shipping and they are nice people - a rare combination."
- Ron, Paper Skyscraper

"This is going to give [my] customers an exquisitely beautiful alternative to Hallmark at lower prices."
- Lori, Beautiful Things

And our sales reps:

"The real reason why Notes and Queries is so great is that all my customers can get all these different looks while only working with one rep in one meeting. They also have only one invoice instead of a lot of little ones. We usually start with NandQ for that reason. They all love it."
- Anne Hare

"Notes & Queries has been a delight to work with. Vanessa is always available for questions, be it customer needs or rep support. Samples, order processing and commission payments are like clockwork. It is a delight to be a Notes & Queries sales representative."
Laura Crawford, Continuum Market & Sales, LLC


And one very enthusiastic consumer: